Erwin Wurm Parks Beefy ‘Hot Dog Bus’ in Brooklyn, Serving up Free Franks all Summer Long


this summer, brooklyn bridge park — one of new york city’s most popular destinations — is treated to a ‘supersized’ sculptural experience, courtesy of the public art fund. austrian artist erwin wurm has parked his overstuffed ‘hot dog bus’ overlooking manhattan’s skyline, encouraging parkgoers to rethink the traditional notions of sculpture. in an extreme manipulation of form, wurm has transformed a vintage volkswagen microbus into a misshapen yellow food truck from which free hot dogs will be served to visitors on weekends until august 26th. first exhibited in germany as ‘curry bus’ back in 2015, wurm’s choice of the hot dog refers to a gastronomic relationship between the symbolic street food for the city, and his own austrian homeland.

hot dog bus, 2018 | VW T2b, mixed media | 220 x 250 x 550 cm
courtesy of the artist, K11 art foundation hong kong, könig galerie berlin, lehmann maupin new york and hong kong
all photos by liz ligon, courtesy public art fund, NY

wurm’s absurd, approachable art installation bears an oversized, yet amusing shape that is both endearing and culturally timely, calling attention to the allure of consumption in today’s society. ‘at face value, this appears to be a quintessential summertime treat served from one of his signature sculptural forms,’ says said public art fund associate curator daniel s. palmer, ‘but in erwin’s subtle and clever way, he draws us toward a deeper level of engagement, helping us to consider how food, consumer culture, and our bodies are inextricably linked.’

‘hot dog bus’ overlooks manhattan’s skyline

in creating hot dog bus, wurm stripped the engine and interior of a volkswagen microbus, sculpted its exterior to create a bulbous form, and cutout a serving window on one side of the vehicle. the paradoxal image lies between playulness and critique, where wurm simultaneously evaluates the material overconsumption that underpins our contemporary culture, and creates a welcoming space of social activity.

the vintage volkswagen microbus becomes a misshapen yellow food truck

free hot dogs will be served to visitors on weekends until august 26th