Creating a Monster: Timeless Kustoms Resurrects this 1954 Corvette


the 1954 corvette has always been a classic car staple, paving the way for automative design to come; yet, while ranking high in the looks department, this car is known to have never performed as well as its european counterparts. to give it a more competitive edge, california-based bodyshop timeless kustoms decided to perfect this classic and make it as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside. the result is an all-black corvette known simply as the ‘death star.’

the ‘death star’ corvette is sick — it would probably make batman jealous. timeless kustoms did a complete overhaul, replacing nearly everything short of the frame. it is now powered by a supercharged c6 ZR1 LS9 crate motor with 600 horsepower. this monster engine is made visible with a see-through panel on the hood — a common touch of the bodyshop. the interior is tricked out like a rally car, with a simplified cockpit that offers just enough comfort to remind you that you’re in a sports cars.

‘death star’ is outfitted with petrol blue leather upholstery, serving as the only hint of color in the night black convertible. coming in at 2,100 pounds, the car rests on a state of the art morrison spaceframe chassis and modern wheels, tires, and disc brakes, that update this timeless classic to the 21st century — far surpassing the wildest dreams of any 1950s greaser.