The Nobe 100 is a Three-Wheeled EV With lots of Vintage inspiration


in a bid to make electric cars more stylish, the nobe 100 is a three-wheeled, neo-designed, light electric vehicle, inspired by vintage icons. built in estonia, the EV’s creators have designed the nobe as an upgradeable and recyclable alternative to disposable cars that instantly start decreasing in value and are scrapped.

images courtesy of nobe

following months of speculation nobe‘s technical specs have been released. a vintage look is defined by the car’s tapered tail, whitewall tires and thin-rimmed steering wheel. inside there is room for two passengers in the front and one in the rear. the dash comprises two main gauges including a speedometer that reads up to 100 kilometers per hour and smaller dial showing amps and remaining battery. next to this there is also a large clock.

adding to the nobe’s vintage credentials, good old fashion winders raise or lower its manual windows. meanwhile a small slider mechanism in the centre of the dash controls temperature and fan speed. the car take’s two hours to charge and has a quaoted 0-60mph time of 5.9 seconds. according to autoblog, the price equivalent in the US for a nobe 100 would be approximately $34,000 and sales there are scheduled to begin by 2020. a go fund me page has been created whcih invites investors to take part ‘in making automotive history by making the first light, neo-retro EV.’