Electromagnetic Luggage Case Defines BMW Motorrad Concept 9Cento


fitting in both style and performance from the streets of munich to the shores of lake como, as well as the mountainous paths in between, the BMW motorrad ‘concept 9cento’ represents two motorcycling worlds on two-wheels. with its world debut at the concorso d’eleganza 2018, where designboom was exclusively present, the design challenges conventions, even to the point where its innovative luggage system takes center stage.

all images courtesy of BMW motorrad

by being able to remove the luggage system on and off, it not only changes the practicality of the motorbike but also the look and feel. it represents two worlds in one concept,’ explains andreas martin, designer of the BMW motorrad ‘concept 9cento’. the design showcases how a focus on functionality does not need to compromise on coolness. the super lightweight case, which features two side compartments, clips on via a hook above the rear carrier and a powerful electromagnet below. furthermore, when attached, it extends the seating area for a second passenger.

the innovative storage space highlights the bike’s balancing act to become a dream touring concept. ‘when the rider arrives at the hotel after a day of touring, the case can simply be detached and becomes a cool luggage bag – it is very fashionable,’ states edgar heinrich, head of design at BMW motorrad. the piece, when attached, only further extends the design’s sporty configuration with a short, high rear that contrasts with the compact front. at the same time, its striking style reflects the same definitively sculpted body of the frame, fairing and fuel tank.

the floating panels create a controlled air stream through its gap. this enabled a smaller windscreen to be used, which, overall, helped keep the design small and nimble,’ adds heinrich. the design details, whether in assistance to aerodynamics or just for pure emotion, ensures the motorcycle is defined by an adventurous, agile and fun spirit at first glance. striking additions of bright orange branding and even an electric blue spring adds to this appearance. at the same time, these contrast with the matte seat, reflective chrome body and the intricately milled aluminum central tank cover, rear carrier and footrest holders, which groove in direction towards the front.

although as a bike that dismisses the typical standards of concepts, the ‘concept 9cento’ is clearly BMW. ‘it has these very iconic headlights, on the front and the rear. these are very progressive, very out there, but the features unify our designs,’ continues heinrich. however, ‘the concept has taken the best elements from different segments, such as adventure and touring, and combined them,’ concludes martin. the balanced bike envisions a new middle class that, no matter the location or function, fits perfectly. by including an existing chassis and engine, a variant of the ‘concept 9cento’ or even its luggage system might reach BMW motorrad’s touring segment production very soon.