Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone: 3.5-inch OLED screens, stunning…>


Folding smartphone is the next coming trend among the smartphone manufacturers. After ZTE, Samsung is the next company trying to produce a foldable phone. The Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone is coming with multiple 3.5-inch OLED screens and more interesting specs! Keep reading for more details right below!

Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone with multiple 3.5-inch OLED screens!

After the two flagships – Samsung Galaxy S9 duo, smartphone lovers are paying more and more attention to the Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone. And according to our sources, the new almighty South-Korean flagship could hit the shores during MWC 2019 with specs that will crush your mind. In details, the smartphone is composed of two 3.5-inch OLED screens. Moreover, when the two internal screens are unfolded, they turn into a larger 6-inch to 7-inch display enter in action.

Besides, previously, the Galaxy X had the codename “Valley”. However, it changed to a confident “winner” codename recently. Galaxy X owners will be able to use the device as a phone, while it functions more like a tablet when being folded. Samsung teased the possibility of its flexible displays during its latest earnings call, which shows us a positive result in the future of foldable smart gadgets.

The South Korean company claimed to focus on product line-ups for flagship smartphones to secure profitability. Therefore, we can expect that the next Samsung Galaxy X specs to go with the gorgeous design and premium features.

Samsung Galaxy X release date and price

As mentioned above, the Samsung Galaxy X is going to launch in 2019. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy X price might be higher than the Galaxy S8, around $950 ~ Rs. 61053. What do you think about Samsung’s effort over the years with folding smartphones? Drop a comment to share with us your ideas and stay tuned!