Zero-Emission flying water taxis offer a sailing commute to work


french start up seabubbles is one step closer to seeing its fleet of water taxis in service following the successful tests of its latest prototype. last month the company tested its latest prototype on a lake in geneva and is now currently conducting a five-week trial in paris.

as well as making trips quicker seabubbles wants to offer an alternatives to transport with low impact on the environment. according to the company, a water-route commute could cut travelling time in half in some cases, meanwhile the bubble (as it is dubbed) is 100% electric.

images courtesy of seabubbles

seabubbles recent new line includes a docking system and an app allowing users to call a bubble taxi, informing them if the eco-friendly ride would save them on time. each dock users solar power, wind and water energy to charge up bubbles between further emphasising the company’s green credentials.

following the successful tests, the bubble should be ready for pre-orders starting next month. whilst local reports have suggested some difficulty in raising complete support for the docks that would act as hubs for the taxis, the company hopes to launch in 50 cities within the next five years.