Butcher Garage Escape Scooter Dramatically Customizes Vespa PX 150


as well as an exposed, reworked metal structure, the butcher garage ‘escape’ scooter further transforms a former scrambler vespa PX 150 with a paint job to match. the creators, who are based in saint petersburg, russia, are renowned for their extreme customs and have teamed up with the german scooter parts specialists SIP scootershop. although a heavy mix of styles from both parties, the result is both dramatic and vibrant nonetheless.

all images courtesy of butchered garage

in a combination of red highlights, a white body, and black and white checks, the motorcycle is set to turn even more heads than vespas normally do. the design features a curved exhaust that distinguishes one side to the other, whilst a branded number born defines the front. as the result of a two year collaboration between butcher garage and SIP scootershop, the ‘escape’ performs in the same fashion of its energetic aesthetic.

[h/t] bikeexif