Now, free WhatsApp service on Saudia Airlines flights


As you fly on a passenger plane, you wish you could communicate with those waiting for you at your destination while onboard. To get connected, you have to wait until you land at the airport and then use the airport’s Wi-Fi.

Now, there’s a good news for all those flying on Saudia Airlines. The airlines has ‘quietly’ announced a new feature that will allow you to send messages online while you are still in the air. The feature is available on all their domestic flights as well as on specific international destinations.

In a post on the airline’s official Facebook page, Saudia announced that they are offering passengers free access to WhatsApp onboard their flights. The image details that this useful feature will be available on domestic flights and select international destinations. The service is only available on aircraft that have Wi-Fi service and only text messages are allowed. Being able to send online messages while on your flight is a huge boon as you can chat up with your family and friends from the air!