The ‘vision Mercedes-Maybach ultimate luxury’ even includes an internal tea service console


the ‘vision mercedes-maybach ultimate luxury’ 2018 was revealed on the 24th of april 2018 in bejing. the newest concept of the super luxury line does not disappoint on masterful detail work and comfort. the car combines western and eastern stylistic ideals to cater to a global market with china’s desires at the top of the list. the interior in particular is given the most emphasis. the cabin’s design is based off the chinese ink painting style; with its simplicity and use of white surfaces and balanced proportions, it is further outfitted with ‘magic wood‘, ebony — a traditional material in chinese furniture design.

all images © 2018 daimler ag.

the only criticism is of its exterior which appears a tad bulky, despite the brand’s description of it as ‘sensual and pure. it’s something between a sedan and an SUV. perhaps sleek styling as important as it is, is not quite as pertinent as passenger comfort. after all, this isn’t a sports car, and probably won’t even be driven by the owner, but by a chauffeur, human or mechanical. in the words of mercedes, the car is ‘like a butler … and acts with anticipation.’ it is typically equipt with an intricate console in the backseat with a tea pot located into a sculpted wooden tray and an array of fine teas to choose from.

furthermore, this maybach has a new comprehensive touch control concept, which allows complete integration with the car’s many entertainment functions, all from the backseat. but just in case you don’t feel like using your hands, you can simply speak to the car, whose voice commands will grant you any wish in any language including popular slang. still it can only do so much, and despite your request , it won’t go over 250 km/h, which the car is electronically limited at.

because the unbelievable luxury seems inexhaustible, here are a few of the other details that come included in the car: ‘the crystal white nappa leather seats are enhanced by diamond stitching in rosé gold, its chairs have advance massage technolgy, the vehicle plays music to match the current mood, knows the appointment calendar and plans the routes accordingly.’

like any stylish super luxury car meant to be chauffeured, it has excellent suspection and is quiet as can be, with a state of the art electric powertrain running the car’s many fuctions. by far, this is the most impressive interior seen to date in maybach’s long history of masterful craftsmenship and taste. it’s undeniable to say that the car has earned its name, the ultimate luxury.