Hydrohouse Houseboat offers the ultimate relocatable water-borne lifestyle


combining a houseboat, boat wharf, a garage and water parking for hydroplanes, the hydrohouse proposes a new wave in water cruising. created by max zhivov, founder of zhivov yacht design whose goal is to develop innovative green technologies in the yachting industry, the studio embarked on the project in hope of offering pilots and water-enthusiasts the ultimate, water-borne lifestyle.

all images courtesy of zhivov

the concept was inspired after zhivov found a large number of hydroplane pilots were unsatisfied with the lack of mobile water parking for planes. in a bid to resolve this issue he created the portable hydrohouse concept so that a pilot could create their own parking space wherever water permitted.

the house itself is made from prefabricated modules which when taken apart require two trucks to be transported. at 15m length and with an area of 76m2 the industrial-styled portable architecture has a kitchen/living room area, master bedroom, two guest bedrooms, bathroom with WC and a garage.

the hydrohouse concept derives from previous work the zhivov studio has embarked on including the houseboat moon, a houseboat for long term accommodation that doubles as a relocatable wharf. this houseboat was designed for living on the volga river near samara in russia and could also be disassembled and relocated.