would your toddler prefer a cafe racer, brat, or track bike?


the moto rocker, designed by felix monza, is for little, engine-enthused dreamers. 125ccm engine, headlight, taillight — every detail mimics the design of an actual motorcycle.

all images courtesy of felix monza

the handmade seat is genuine leather. the body comes in three style options: cafe, brat, and track. the faux gasoline tank can be painted on order. but some technical details just can’t be measured. the horsepower of the moto rocker, for instance, ‘can only be measured by the width of the little riders smile.’ 

as a finishing touch, the little rider’s name is engraved on the frame, along with serial number and version details. the moto rocker is suitable for children ages 1 and a half to 4 and holds up to 50 kilos. which would your toddler prefer?