This Aluminium ‘falcon’ mod gives a modern BMW bike a classic look


this falcon mod was once a BMW R nineT, until hookie co. — the dresden-based motorcycle shop — got their hands on it and turned it into something truly unique. the client requested that this R nineT have a more classic look. with the famed ‘brough superior SS100’ as an inspiration, the team began rethinking the bike. upon inspecting the tank and seat, the mechanics found a series of steel boxes that would prove cumbersome for the job at hand (see the gallery at the bottom of the page for images of the construction phase). despite the challenge, they decided to keep all parts — like the ABS, fuelpump and airbox — in the same place they were on the original bike.

images courtesy of hookie co.

the team at hookie co. found the perfect construction of the tunnel. over the course of the first 1-2 weeks, the bike got a platform to define a new shape. nico of hookie co. started with a wireframe, which offered the flexibility to try different forms. in under two months, working on and off, nico was satisfied with the tunnel. the name ‘falcon’ for this mod was actually quite accidental, and came out of the design phase when the team realized that the centerpiece of the bike looked like wings, with the BMW cylinders and a small tail made out of feathers. it suits as an agile, sporty and modern motorcycle; thus, the ‘falcon’ was born.

all parts including the seat, the tail and the gas tank are fully handmade from aluminium. this was the first project the studio took on using this tricky material — and they did quite well despite. nico worked diligently. it was a personal competition for him to finish all parts in aluminium on this project, something rarely done. also included in the bike is a custom fuelpump flange from aluminium, modified only at the rear frame with a little hole for the rearlight wires. once the body was complete, the team modified the wheels and the bars, adding motogadget motoscope speedo, a new ABM clip on bars, an LED trucklight, and some really awesome pirelli angel GT tire setup. finally the stunning paint-work in a sleek silver with gold detailing finished the job.