Here is Lufthansa’s new Airbus A320neo business class seat (seriously)


Lufthansa has revealed its new 2019 business class seat for the German airline’s Airbus A320neo and A321neo jets, so without further ado, here it is…

If you think it looks less like business class and more like economy, that with good reason: it is.

This is essentially the same slimline economy seat as the rest of the aircraft.

It’s also the same ‘business class’ seat as you’ll find on the A320neo and A321neo jets to be flown by Lufthansa’s sibling Swiss, albeit with different trim, colour and branding…

… and also Austrian, for that matter.

Welcome to the latest entrant in the Euro-business class arena, intended for short- to medium-range flights – which makes domestic Australian business class seats flying the same distance look luxurious by comparison.

There’s only one difference between the business and economy versions of the new Lufthansa (and Swiss, and Austrian) Euro-business class seat.

A subtle difference

The standard seat comes with the back fixed at a 20 degree recline: something which seat manufacturer Geven describes as a ‘precline’, because it’s preset and can’t be adjusted by the passenger, but serves to make travel “more comfortable not only during the flight, but also while the aircraft is taxiing, during take-off and landing.”

However, the business class seat allows travellers to hit a recline button for a little extra tilt.

“In addition to the already-integrated precline Relax position of 20°, the (business class) seat backrest can be adjusted, resulting in a ‘double recline’ of 26°,” a spokesman for Lufthansa told Australian Business Traveller.

Geven says the seats have an “arm-to-arm width larger than 18 inches”, but Lufthansa hasn’t revealed the seat pitch – although the airline says the new ‘horizontally designed’ literature pocket at the rear of the seat will leave a little extra room at the knees.

And that’s about it, apart from the Euro-business convention of having the middle seat of three remain empty.

The good news? Lufthansa will follow the same group-wide approach for its new long-range business class seat (shown below), which the German airline will debut on its Boeing 777-8 fleet.