The Genesis Essentia concept car shows the pulsing electric power within


genesis has released a new electric sportscar prototype and it’s stunning. the essentia concept is the brand’s first battery electric vehicle coming complete with a custom interior, lightweight carbon fiber frame and robust multi-motor powertrain. the car was released at the 2018 new york international auto show on march 28th, and is an exciting statement for the korean car manufacturer. the company prides itself on their newest car’s elegance and serenity; however, as beautiful as the car is this notion might change with a ride outside the javits convention center at rush hour.  the car sources its inspiration from the classic grand tourers of the 1960s, with gran turismo proportions, with a long bonnet and a swept-back cabin all while updating the style for modern tastes. genesis sees this piece as simply updating an icon.

all images courtesy genesis

the exterior of this genesis vehicle is no doubt stunning — with the seemless led lights and elegant curves — but the interior of essentia utilizes also uses mixed-material approach influenced by high fashion to acheive the feeling of a cockpit. genesis describes it as ‘a slim center console covered in oxford blue leather bisects the cabin. the front and rear seat belt slots are out of the ordinary, as well, composed of glass pearl finished/treated aluminum and polished aluminum. layered carbon fiber décor adds a sporty and technical element to the interior details, with a 3d optical effect achieved through the latest technology of layering individual pieces of carbon.’ this car is no doubt an exciting new direction for the brand.