fast and exhilarating, this 1918 indian is a rare artifact of motorcycling’s most illustrious era


this classic 1918 indian bike, offers a retrospective look at the birth of motorcycle culture and the sport that conceived it. ‘fast, exhilarating and dangerous, the short-lived sport of board track racing captivated america and today is considered by many to be america’s – and motorcycling’s – most illustrious era,’ reads a description of the bike. this surviving icon is a testament to this exciting period of innovation and thrills. it was recently restored to original specifications in this beautiful red colorway.

all images courtesy of serge bueno

indian motor co., one of america’s forefront motorcycle companies, was founded at the turn of the century by the motorcycle racers george m. hendee and oscar hedstrom. soon indian motorcycles were winning first place internationally. naturally they also become very popular with the american public. they could be found everywhere except in the showroom floor. indian bikes, with their innovative design broke speed records on and off the racetrack. this particular red indian is something special, a racer bike from the days of board track racing. as a result of their historical significance, style, and speed they are exceedingly rare and in high demand today. this particular motorcycle is currently available for purchase, and you may find out more here if interested.

the bike was 85% complete when purchased by it’s latest owner and was expertly reassembled. all un-restored components are in original condition. the new gas tank was antiqued to match the rest of the bike and the original factory paint which is still visible. the handlebars, two pistons, front forks and rear stand were all painstakingly hand-built to original specs, the rest is believed to be entirely original. not bad for a 100-year old racer.