Singapore Airlines: new first class, business class for Boeing 777-9


Singapore Airlines will launch all-new first class suites and business class seats for its Boeing 777-9 jets, with airline CEO Mr Goh Choon Phong predicting a “quantum leap” from today’s Boeing 777 premium cabins.

Speaking to Australian Business Traveller ahead of the delivery flight of the airline’s first Boeing 787-10 from Boeing’s South Carolina facility to Singapore, Goh said the airline’s “product innovation team has already begun to conceptualise on what product we should introduce in the 777-9, what they should be like.”

“We will of course be going out to our customers to get better ideas about what they really want in the next quantum leap of our product.”

Goh said this would include first class suites for the long-range Boeing 777-9, which the airline will begin flying in 2021-2022.

“It will be a first class that we believe when we launch (it) will again set industry standards.”

“Our first class demand is quite decent and I think it about how good the product is and we believe all our customers will want to try it.”

Goh said the first of its 20-strong Boeing 777-9 order would arrive “in 2020-2021, primarily as a replacement aircraft for the 777-300ER. As the 777-300ER reaches its end-of-life with us we will then transition into the 777-9, as it’s a bigger plane.”