Cassie the ostrich-inspired bipedal robot steps onto the scene inviting robotic dog to dance


entering stage left is cassie, the ostrich-legged bipedal robot by agility robotics lab at oregon state university, stage partner? a four-legged canine of the same species. it forms part of the lab’s mission to pioneer legged robot technologies and solve the mobility challenges.

agility robotics builds machines for academic, corporate, and military research and development, working towards a diverse range of near-future applications. researchers at the lab hope legged robots will save american lives by scouting unknown spaces, perhaps in a military context serving as a mobile sensor platform that can go where people go.

cassie could also signal the future of delivery and courier services, adding a ‘human’ touch to current drone delivery concepts. agility robotics outline the possibility of a fleet of similar robots delivering products to the consumer’s door, utilizing existing roads and walkways.