This 3D printed electric vehicle only has 57 parts


3D printing has just allowed a car company (XEV) and a printing company (polymaker) to manufacture an electric car, LSEV, for $7,500 USD. by 3D printing the city-ready vehicle, XEV and polymaker have knocked the amount of individual plastic components down from the typically-used 2,000 to, oh, 57 parts — excluding mirrors, lights, chassis and such. 

all images courtesy of polymaker and XEV

‘XEV is the first real mass production project using 3D printing. by saying real, I mean there are also lots of other companies using 3D printing for production. but nothing can really compare with XEV in terms of the size, the scale, and the intensity,’ said, dr. luo xiaofan, co-founder and CEO of polymaker. the transportation industry is certainly in a state of disruption. amidst this disruption — LSEV is an affordable solution for city drivers. its top speed is 43 miles per hour. it covers a range of 93 miles per charge. LSEV has already received 7,000 orders.