Racing Toward a revolution, hackrod designs the first fully 3D printed bespoke speedster


this is ‘la bandita,’ the world’s first virtual reality-designed, AI-engineered, 3D-printed car. it’s the creation of the cali-based digital manufacturing company, hackrod. as the car looks cool, so too is what it might do for the future of car manufacturing. the company strongly believes that soon customers will be able to design and print their own dream car with the support of tried technology. hackrod is working hard at achieving this goal, and is currently producing this first prototype.

all images courtesy of hackrod

hackrod, partnering with siemens PLM software, is using various types of cutting edge tech to guarantee the best results for their mangnum opus ‘la bandita’. every process from the vehicle’s conception works close in hand with modern tech. the design of the car was accomplished in VR with the additional aid of machine learning. as technical is the final step, which naturally uses 3D printing to take the car into the realm of reality.

the team leadership is very eccentric, and includes a movie director and an aerospace engineer among them, all brought together by a common love of cars and driving. you can preorder yours on the hackrod website. theoretically, you’ll have the power to put in your own input as each car is set to be bespoke and unique to each customer.