Qantas adds self-service check-in kiosks at Sydney Airport T1


Qantas will begin moving to self-service check-in and baggage drop facilities at Sydney Airport’s T1 international terminal this week.

The kiosks are similar to those already used by Qantas at Sydney’s T3 terminal. Passengers can check-in for their flights, collect their boarding pass and head straight for the security gates (and the lounges beyond) if they have only carry-on luggage, or can tote their checked bags to the automated bag-drop machines.

The new check-in area is located to the left of the Qantas first class and business class check-in counters at Zone D, and has replaced the Zone C check-in counters.

A spokeswoman for Qantas told Australian Business Traveller “we’re transitioning from a predominantly counter based check-in environment to a self-service check-in model for Qantas economy passengers, which will be hosted by our customer service agents.”

The spokeswoman confirmed this would mean a reduction in the number of Qantas staff assigned to the traditional check-in counters, saying “there will be fewer general check-in counters,” although this is not expected to impact arrangements for premium economy, business or first class check-in.

“Premium customers can choose to use check-in counters or this hosted self-service zone to complete their check-in and baggage acceptance,” she added.

While Qantas is the launch partner for the self-serve system, other airlines are slated to follow, according to a spokeswoman for Sydney Airport.

Are you a fan of self-service check-in kiosks and automated baggage drop, or do you prefer to deal with airline staff – even if it means lining up a little longer?