Boeing’s NMA (B797) Concept Design


Image: Jon Ostrower

The former CNN reporter Jon Ostrower, revealed the first artistic conception of  Boeing’s NMA (new Middle-Market Aircraft), will be known as 797, in his blog.

According to Jon, the NMA design is the adaptation of elements from 737 Max tail cone, larger 787/777X-sized cabin windows, 757/767/777-style wind screen, 787 style wings, 767-200 twin-isle bonding doors and smaller diameter engine inlet to increase fuel efficiency.

The plane would fit in between 737 and 787 and comes in two base models of NMA -6X and -7X. The 225 seats NMA – 6X with a range of 5,000nm, and 265 seats NMA-7X with a range of 4,500nm are estimated to be developed at a cost of $10 to $15 billion and enter service in 2025.