At the Corner of cutting-edge and style, the autonomous aston martin lagonda leads the way


aston martin is renowned for its relentless dedication to driving excellence. since the brand’s inception in 1904, the world has seen one breathtaking car after another. now in 2018, presented at the geneva motor show, the newest head turner is here, and it’s unlike anything before. the lagonda vision concept is a bold new step. it’s the revolutionary concept we all hope to see soon at the dealers and even more so in our garage.

an uninterrupted window runs down the middle of the car
all images courtesy aston martin

this exciting new vehicle includes an uninterrupted window that folds gracefully from start to finish. it offers unrivaled visibility — except that of a motorcycle. the stylings are a combination of subtle and bold, one of many paradoxes the brand is attempting to master. this car’s design is one step closer to aston martin’s goal ‘to be the world’s first zero emission luxury brand – a reinvention of the world-renowned luxury marque, unapologetically taking full advantage of the latest advances in emission-free powertrain and autonomous driving technologies.’ the lagonda vision concept is fully autonomous and therefore front seats are designed to swivel in 360 degrees.  

bold and subtle styling

this car is also a reassertion of the brand’s dedication to refinement. the cabin was designed in collaboration with david linley — perhaps like a upscale yacht — and uses british wools, silks and cashmere in harmony with some of the most modern materials known to man, such as carbon fibre and ceramic tiles. the car is futuristic but doesn’t loose the human touch, an element that, despite technological advancements, will never be outdated.  

light up the night with the new LED lights

it’s refreshing to see such originality from this legendary brand. there is much to commend about this revolutionary design, which presents incredible veracity; yet, as with all cars, the only real test of virtue is from behind the wheel. based on its heritage, we expect great things. 

ride is style right into the future

an advanced control panel

a roomy interior with fine handmade detail work