Philippe Starck Designs power dock for Bentley’s Bentayga Hybrid


accompanying bentley’s new ‘bentayga hybrid’ is this intelligently minimal recharging concept by philippe starck, presented at the geneva motor show 2018. made of pressed eco-linen, bio-sourced thermoset resin, and aluminum casting, the high-tech design is a cool, functional piece of tech — inviting to the touch and relevant to this new car’s refreshing, electric story.

all images courtesy of bentley

the ‘bentayga hybrid’ will be available to order (in select markets) by the second half of 2018. the SUV combines an advanced electric motor with a new V6 petrol engine. it is to be bentley’s most efficient model to date — its first with CO2 emissions of only 75 g/km. starck’s power dock concept – aesthetic and smart — may subtly call to bentayga hybrid customers. like a round oasis of clean energy, it may encourage them to plug-in more often, ensuring each journey with maximum electric-only range.

philippe starck and bentley design serenity through technology

‘as always with my designs I wanted the maximum of intelligence with the minimum of materiality. I wanted it to be a modern art piece: durable, real and avant-garde high tech. it was also important for me that the unit was as sustainable as possible,’ explains starck — no stranger to sustainability.

it is designed to keep charging cables neat and safe at home

the ‘bentayga hybrid’ is bentley’s self-proposed ‘first step toward full electrification.’ it makes sense that a designer of starck’s philosophy and pedigree would be the one to hold bentley’s hand as it approaches that cold-EV-pool. companies like tesla are doing electric cannonballs, splashing future water, everywhere. some automotive companies are swimming; others dip their toes in and fear away. finally, with starck at their side, bentley has decided to take the first step in. their first step — normally the coldest and most difficult — seems effortless and refined, thanks to this bentley/starck collaboration.

it is to be bentley’s most efficient model to date

the dock is designed to be made of pressed eco-linen, bio-sourced thermoset resin, and aluminum casting

the bentley hybrid will become available for order from the later half of 2018