Fiat Abarth 124 GT with carbon fiber roof announced ahead of the 2018 geneva motor show


increased visibility, a more silent ride, a lighter car, a faster car — these are the warmly-welcomed side effects of a carbon fiber hard top. it’s a toyable little detail, you can put on and take off, seamlessly, for a drastic change in roadster appearance; it’s the detail that sets the fiat abarth 124 GT apart from others, at the 2018 geneva motor show.

all images courtesy of abarth

you can listen to the car on abarth’s website — it isn’t the loudest, or the fastest ‘track’ vehicle out there, but it’s power, control, performance, and beauty standards are definitely that of a formidably stylish GT. powering this silver-grey fiat is a 1.4 turbo multiair engine with 170 HP: 4 in-line cylinders, 4 valves per cylinder. 250 NM of torque. let’s see. there’s also a five-arm-multilink suspension, a stabilizing bar, shock absorbers with abarth specific calibration, and finally, 17’ ultralight wheels.

all together, the specs allow for a breezy top speed of 232 km/h (0-100 km/h, 6.8 seconds). but, once again, the groundbreaking selling point isn’t in the performance; it’s in the subtlety of a quiet, convertible hard top — the carbon fiber noggin.