Oceanco + Lobanov Design Studio Present the Tuhura Megayacht Concept


oceanco unveils its 377 ft ‘tuhura’ superyacht concept, created in collaboration with lobanov design studio, interior designer achille salvagni, and BMT nigel gee. its design harks back to a bygone era, with exterior styling reminiscent of early canoes; vessels used hundreds of years ago by indigenous people. the belief of revisiting primal forms evokes a sense of exploration and discovery.

all images © oceanco

oceanco’s main influence for the interior design is east asia and the pacific islands. achille salvagni refers to the sophisticated interiors as a brushed teak habitat — floors, walls, ceilings including thin reveals in gunmetal and natural bronze with tatami floors. lobanov’s exterior design complements the interior and is flexible so that the yacht can be designed from 250-400 ft in length. the ‘tuhura’s’ hull and propulsion system is developed in collaboration with BMT. the canoe-styled form’s simplicity leads to an efficient hull with low resistance, good seakeeping and superb maneuverability.

the hull has been conceived with multiple horizontal windows, utilizing an advanced glass technology that consists of a series of dots, allowing the view from within to be completely transparent, while from the exterior, the windows appear the same color as the hull, disguising their appearance. glass features further in the impressive black superstructure made up of flat glass panels.

‘tuhura is a megayacht conceived for a dynamic owner, nevertheless the timeless sense of peace and calmness are the main characteristics’, comments salvagni. he continues, ‘this softness and dynamicity are reflected in the humble elegance and sensuality of the primitive organic shapes echoed throughout.’