Volt car-charging drone re-juices your vehicle wherever you are


the resounding concern when it comes to electric automobiles is that they just can’t do the mileage that their diesel or petrol counterpart can. don’t even think about taking an electric car on a road trip. there just isn’t the guarantee that charging stations can carry you on long-haul journeys. well korean-based product designer in yeop baek has come up with a solution for that with his volt drone concept, a four-winged quad-copter car-charging drone available in the most remote areas.

all images courtesy of in yeop baek

baek‘s volts concept provide electric car charging services accessible via a phone application allowing you to request, pay and use in a similar fashion to an uber. the drones work as part of a service that would allow drivers to simply request a recharge when they’re driving in a remote area where a traditional charging station isn’t accessible.

the four-winged quad-coptor drones boast a stable structure, with four legs located beneath each propeller to reduce impact when landing. equipped with a camera at the front and rear of the drone, identification of obstacles and user vehicles reduces the chances of damage to the drone and the battery packed inside the body.

volt’s services are available through the app allowing users to register their vehicle information and location to identify the area of service they are near. from the user information, the volt will identify where the user is and what kind of vehicle he or she has before charging the correct battery and travelling to the vehicle.

the volt’s charging gun is hidden inside the bolt. when the bolt arrives at the user, the top cover opens, revealing the charging gun. users can then take out a charging gun and recharge their electric car.