This 1956 Cherry red porsche tractor is up for auction, y’all


six decades ago — at an old zeppelin factory in friedrichs-hafen-manzell, germany — four attractive porsche tractors were brought to life. the apparent sexiest of these — the 822CC single-cylinder 1956 porsche junior L108 — is alive, restored and yes, up for grabs (lot 144).

all images courtesy of bonhams

the small-town beauty has more than just looks. the porsche L108 tractor was designed with a fluid coupling to connect the engine to a six-speed transmission, for smooth shifting out in the field, down deserted highways, toward rural convenient stores with fresh water and diesel gas. unfortunately, by 1963, the old zeppelin house quit producing the rural-beauts. that’s not to say they’re dead. 15HP at 2,250 RPMs, drum brakes, bosch diesel injection — this is a well put together machine with a lot more history than what is described here, and a lot more history left to make. show it off. use it around the farm. read more about it on bonhams. lot 144.