How Would Steve Jobs Feel About These AR Apple Glasses?

apple has kept us waiting on the augmented reality headset front. the holo lens and the magic leap one, among a few others, are all we have as of now. but these conceptual ‘apple glasses’ by taeyeon kim may satisfy our curiosities for the time being. here, we see the expensive tech, falling in space and getting splashed by water; kim definitely captures the voice of the tech giant’s marketing team. 

all images courtesy of taeyeon kim

apple has said a few times in the past year that they’re on the forefront of AR technology. they’re definitely working on something; is that something captured within the images we see here?

at the very least, from a design perspective, kim’s concepts are pretty on-brand. they’re fashionable, minimal — essentially carbon-copies of other products collaged together. this is a common trend for apple. the iPad is a giant iPhone; the glasses, according to kim, will be two apple-watch-shaped lens’ with space grey and rose gold finishes.