Ferrari Releases Photos of ‘488 pista’ ahead of 2018 Geneva Motor Show


the rightful successor to ferrari’s V8 special series, the ‘488 pista,’ is to be unveiled at the 2018 geneva motor show. based on the translation of the word pista (track) and the photos provided here, we can expect this 488 to pack a lot of racecar technology into a light, novice-proof, street legal car.

all images courtesy of ferrari

here’s the breakdown. V8 twin turbo. 770 nm of torque (at 3000 rpm in gear numero sette). it weighs 1280 kg, has a 0-60 mph of 2.85 seconds and its max speed tops 211 mph (340 km). the pista also features its own set of uniquely designed tires, developed by michelinthe color is classic. the dolphin-tail rear-spoiler is efficient. it’s light, powerful — more of a racecar than a sportscar. thus is the trend as of late. normal people want to feel like professional drivers. with the ferrari 488 pista they definitely can, especially if they opt for the 20’ carbon-fiber wheel rims, carbon-fiber engine cover, carbon-fiber bumpers and rear spoiler.