HSP magnavem, an eco-friendly supersonic plane signifying the new era of aeronautic industry


industrial designer oscar viñals releases his concept of HSP ‘magnavem’, a zero-emissions supersonic aircraft. the plane is equipped with a compact fusion reactor (CFR-portable) which serves as a principal power source which is able to generate great amounts of electric energy with no environmental damage.

206 MD-DBD (multi-directional dielectric barrier discharge) plasma actuators control the airflow over the fuselage and wings, in order to achieve the highest flying performance. meanwhile, an AI system integrated into the viñals airplane, supports and optimizes the actuators’ function.

gaining the speed maximum of 1.5 mach (1.852 km/h), magnavem — the name comes from latin language, where ‘magna avem’ means ‘big bird’ — has a micro-pulse coherent doppler lidar system, which allows the plane to detect areas of turbulence and thus prevent dangerous vibrations. the plane has a delta-shaped body with a capacity of 500 passengers.

HSP ‘magnavem’ is equipped with four oversize hybrid engines and a CO2 cleaning system located in the rear part. battery storage structure under the fuselage is made of nanostructures of graphene with the proprieties to be ultra-lightweight, strong, and charged ultra-fast.

video by OVI’s design

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