watch elon musk’s spaceX starman driving his tesla roadster in space


yesterday elon musk launched spaceX’s ‘falcon heavy’ from cape canaveral carrying his 2008 cherry red tesla roadster inside. onboard, a mannequin named starman wearing a spaceX suit, drove the car with an endless loop of david bowie’s song ‘life on mars’. and for our enjoyment and to register a historical event, musk equipped the roadster with cameras which have live-streamed the event to everyone around the world.

spaceX starman onboard elon musk’s 2008 cherry red tesla
all images © spaceX / screenshots from youtube video

in the video above you can see the incredible footage registered from the car passing by our planet.  and for those concerned with the safety of starman, worry no more as elon musk revealed in a press conference that he was wearing an actual production of the spaceX suit instead of a prototype. this is the same suit that will be used by spaceX astronauts going to space on board crew dragon, the spaceship that will bring real people to space.

the car has been equipped with cameras that live streamed the event

featuring a monochromatic design, the black and white spacesuit stands out for its sleek design. developed in-house, the suit covers the qualification articles set by NASA to operate crew launches. that said, this was not just an ad for musk’s tesla and spaceX companies, but a test to see how the suit behaves in space missions.

‘I mean, it’s a dangerous trip, you want to look good,’ elon musk said. ‘it’s easy to make a spacesuit that looks good but doesn’t work; it’s really hard to make a spacesuit that works, and looks good… it definitely works though, you can just put it on and jump in a vacuum chamber.’

the mannequin was wearing the real spaceX suit, testing it in outerspace

beautiful views of planet earth can be seen in the video

this is the same suit that will be used by spaceX astronauts going to space on board crew dragon