Aellambler custom ducati scrambler by masaharu is a gold leaf motorcycle


the scrambler ducati custom rumble contest has reopened, with a host of attractive motorcycle builds among the entries. among the contendors, there is certainly one build that particularly stands out from the crowd. dubbed the ‘aellambler’, this gold example was created by the masaharu-san — the master-craftsman behind parts fabricator aella japan.

all images © masharu

the real center of focus surrounding masharu’s gold ‘aellambler’ custom ducati ‘scrambler’ is the sinuous bodywork. designed with 3D modeling techniques, the form’s delicate curves complements its natural shimmer. gold leaf (otherwise known as brass foil) has been applied by hand, and then reapplied painstakingly to create this attractive finish.

as for the engine, it has been treated to an overhaul that includes ditching the electronic fuel injection. the L-twin engine has been treated to a pair of 39 mm FCR carburetors, plus a set of machined intakes and velocity stacks. masaharu-san documents the whole build process on his website, and it’s certainly worth checking out — there’s a video of the painstaking foil work.