Dronegun tactical sends drones back from whence they came


dronegun tactical is DRONESHIELD’s latest countermeasure for those mechanical flys. it’s easy to use, battery-powered, portable, and highly effective against many drone models. while it looks like it would just annihilate the poor bastards, it’s actually capable of doing many things — forced landing, video transmission interference, payload control, and more — without harming the device at all, leaving the drone in good condition for forensic scanning.

all images courtesy of DRONESHIELD

DRONESHIELD‘s rifle comes with a carbon fibre case, but don’t get excited unless you’re a member of an authorized security agency cleared to use the dronegun tactical. fortunately, DRONESHIELD’s is working on a civilian countermeasure rifle; it will come out soon, but probably not soon enough for some. is it ridiculous to imagine owning one of these, or are drone countermeasure rifles the fly swatters of the future?