Mercedes-Benz Sawtooth 4×4 adventure van is built for remote exploration


RB components unveils its compact home on wheels that can tackle the toughest of terrain – ‘the sawtooth’ adventure van. based on a mercedes-benz 4×4 ‘sprinter’ platform, it is designed to transport outdoor enthusiasts and their families to places that other motorhomes typically can’t. the american-manufacturer’s off-road camper van is a self-sufficient mobile home, ready to live off-the-grid.

all images © RB components

the interior architecture of RB component’s ‘sawtooth’ boasts several high-tech amenities including solar panels, a 3000-watt power system, bamboo wooden tables, a 69-gallon fresh water system, a custom stainless steel enclosed shower with hot water, an electric awning, and a BBQ exterior mount for outdoor cooking. mercedes-benz’s ‘sprinter’ now rides on a loadlifter 5000 ultimate air suspension kit, and a 17” toyo open county tire package and for added comfort. the adventure van is a true 4×4, with amenities and features that cater for comfortable exploration of remote places.