AMC javelin AMX custom supercar by ringbrothers


custom muscle car builds based on ‘mustangs‘, ‘chargers‘, ‘camaros‘, ‘corvettes’, and ‘challengers‘, have created an unfortunate normalization of restomod vehicles. a handful of shops still remain whose thinking is particularly creative, buildin incredible machines that blur the boundaries between art and car. ringbrothers has once again proved itself as one of the industry leaders, unveiling the 1,080 hp AMC ‘javelin AMX’.

all images © ringbrothers

as is the case with all ringbrothers builds, the ‘AMX’ is completely different from the car it originally started out as. to accomodate the new engine, the ‘javelin’s’ wheels were moved forward 6.5 inches, hidden behind flared bodywork crafted of carbon fiber. the hood, grille, front fenders, and front valence are re-designed and engineered in carbon fiber, accented by bespoke trim pieces machined from aluminum. power is provided from a hellcat-sourced, supercharged 6.2 liter V8, that can produce a monstrous 1,030 hp to the rear wheels, through a bowler automatic transmission.

to keep things on the shiny side, the ‘javelin’ rides on a bespoke front subframe, originally designed for a camaro that holds ridetech suspension components, sway bars and modern steering. at the back, a chevrolet twelve-bolt rear end is mounted on a four-link suspension, designed inhouse. six-piston baer brakes sit behind large 20-inch HRE wheels, wrapped in ‘285/30’ tires at the front, and 335/30S in the rear.