Furia hub center steering concept bicycle by francesco manocchio


dubbed the ‘furia’, this futuristic concept depicts what the future of bicycles might hold by utilizing 3D printed materials. created by italian designer, francesco manocchio, he has created no-less than six product renderings in the past, most of which celebrate such a resolution level of graphical detail that they can easily be confused for real manufactured products.

franscesco manocchio has designed the ‘furia’ bicycle to provoke and inspire, while offering insightful perspectives with innovative materials. the result is a full-scale 3D model produced with a makerbot ‘replicator 2x’ printer as a volume study. the use of hub-center steering comes from the motorcycle world, with bimota’s ‘tesi 3D’ as an italian example of this innovative steering mechanism. the ‘furia’ concept bicycle is the winner of the award for excellence in design lazio, and identifies what can be done to make bikes ready for a more prominent space on our city streets.