Ampere Motor’s convertible fuses an electric car with the spirit of motorcycling


los angeles-based startup ampere motor starts production of a sporty electric three-wheeled convertible. technically speaking, the ampere ‘one’ is a three-wheeled car, and depending on country of residence it can be classified as a motorcycle. its unique, low-slung form is a shade similar to the polaris ‘slingshot‘, and the morgan ‘EV3‘.

all images © ampere motor

ampere motor’s ‘one’ three-wheeler offers 160 kilometers (100 m) of range in its most basic configuration, while owners who plan on taking slightly longer trips can upgrade to 240 km (150 m). regardless of battery life, the sprint from 0 to 60 mph takes eight seconds flat and top speed checks in at 120 km/h (75 mph). recharging the three-wheeled ‘one’s’ battery takes three and a half hours when plugged into a regular household power outlet.

tony chan, ampere motor’s CEO comments, ‘we wanted to make an electric car that is affordable to as many people as possible, so we designed the ampere 1 to be simple and practical. at the same time, it’s also stylish like an exotic sports car and really fun to drive. our team has been driving race cars for over 20 years, so we use a lot of race car technology in this car. it’s built with a very strong and lightweight race car derive tubular chassis and a double wishbone suspension similar to that of luxury sports cars.’