Hoverjet’s aquajet H2 underwater flying scooter lets divers fly beneath the sea


modelled after airplanes, hoverstar’s aquajet ‘H2’ is a winged diver propulsion vehicle for reducing hydrodynamic drag while maintaining balance. hoverjet claims that the vehicle is “more powerful than any other underwater scooter”, and is capable of towing up to four divers at once.

all images © aquajet

the hoverjet ‘aquajet H2’ underwater flying scooter motor is quiet enough that it shouldn’t disrupt marine life, while battery life is rated at over 100 minutes per charge. it features three variable speed settings, which divers can select between via a hand control located on the right wing – a throttle on the left wing accelerates users within each of those settings. the water vehicle’s top speed is  9 km/h (5.6 mph), with navigation managed by simply tilting the ‘H2’ from side-to-side, or up-and-down. with it’s positive buoyancy, it could even be used to transport users around the water’s surface, or used as a floatation device in emergencies.