Harley-Davidson hurakàn custom café racer by FMW motorcycles


the ancona-based FMW motorcycles continues to enhance its reputation as a custom workshop that builds beautiful bikes. the garage’s latest harley-davidson café racer build majestically entitled ‘hurakàn’, this motorcycle can be found cruising and capturing imaginations along the adriatic coast.

all images © FMW motorcycles

according to FMW motorcycles, the name ‘hurakàn’ comes from the mayan deity of ‘wind, fire and storms’. in addition to this being an interesting name for a bike, it has also been adapted to serve as an influence for the custom café racer. it was intended to be a unique bike, completely hand-made, and most importantly, it had to be very powerful, while possessing excellent dynamic characteristics. as harley-davidson’s philosophy and components are not the most performance-driven, the hurakàn features an S&S V-twin engine with a raft go-faster fittings. while the platform has a monstrous engine, the bike celebrates the retro-styling and iconic design of a pure-bred italian racer.

the ‘hurakàn’s’ intricate exhaust system includes two 45 mm manifolds, and a 60 mm bespoke silencer in a kimura style, while the entire bodywork was handcrafted in thick aluminum to make it able to withstand the engine’s heavy vibrations. the rear of the bike hosts the oil filter and 5 lt fuel tank, which is comprized of two parts that allowed FMW to discretely hide the electronics, while a motogadget ‘motoscope pro’ lets the rider track their performance.