little ripper drone rescues two teenagers from australian rip-tide


while lifeguards trained with a new drone, off the coast of lennox head, australia, a distress signal went out. 70 seconds later, the little ripper had located two teenagers treading-water and dropped them a floatation device, saving their lives (see footage taken from the drone’s camera above).

all images courtesy of little ripper

the float carried the fatigued teens back to shore, who were uninjured apart from the exhaustion of treading water. the real hero of the day was a machine, packed with propellers, emergency kits, a 2 and a half long battery life,  GPS beacons, and a camera to search and record. the little ripper drone was visiting lennox head, acquainting itself with lifeguards in order to test out the implementation of a new shark-spotting-strategy. in addition, two lives were saved on january 18, 2018.

the little ripper drone can carry inflatable and distribute inflatable rafts, GPS beacons, and more