Incheon International Airport new terminal is ready to open on 18 January,


Incheon International Airport in South Korea will officially open its new passenger terminal on 18 January 2018. The new terminal is designed to process more than 18 million travelers a year and in total the Airport could process 72million travellers, up from its original 54 million.

Five-story terminal building is built at a cost of 4.9 trillion won (4.5 billion USD) that has the latest in-smart technology, including roaming information robots, self-check-in kiosks, full-body scanners, automatic boarding systems and solar panel roofing.

The terminal design is based on the concept of Bonghwang (Korean Phoenix), a Korean mythological beast symbolising authority, longevity, strength and balance. The terminal flooring is done with locally quarried granite and traditional Korean wood.

Incheon Airport is currently the 24th busiest airport in the world and it is highly-regarded for its five-star facilities and an array of shopping, dining and entertainment options spread throughout the airport facility.