Digital Displays dominate the Nissan xmotion SUV concept


a combination of western and eastern concepts continue inside nissan‘s latest concept vehicle, the xmotion, revealed at the north american international auto show in detroit. the car concept fuses japanese culture and traditional craftsmanship with american-style utility and new-generation technology.

all images courtesy of nissan

you might say the xmotion is more screen than car. the interior includes a total of digital screen portions, including three main displays and left and right end displays spanning the width of the instrument panel. there is also a “digital room mirror” in the ceiling and a center console display. and the nifty tech doesn’t stop there: displays can be controlled by gestures and eye movements whilst intuitive controls and a voice command system allows drivers to access various information whilst still focusing on the wheel.

inspired by japanese modern art and landscapes the interior is designed to look like so. nissan incorporate advanced graphic user interfaces and autonomous driving technologies, with the inside divided into clear cut sections signalling variations in terrain when viewed from a side profile. meanwhile, exterior features include a retractable ‘rooftop box’ and a unique tail light design inspired by japanese woodwork.


combining a long wheelbase, with wheels and tires pushed out to the extremes of the corners, the xmotion concept allows for the creation of a fresh, ‘4+2’ passenger layout. it features three rows of side-by-side individual seats and is said to provide a perfect space for a young couple, another couple and two children or pets in the third row.

 signalling the future of nissan design the concept has a sculptural beauty, including unique u-shaped highlights and an evolution of nissan’s signature v-motion grille. the visual simplicity of the xmotion concept exterior is contrasted by the rugged, metal-crafted wheels and all-terrain tire design. the mechanical tool-inspired wheels and all-terrain tires coexist as one piece, with the tire tread physically laminated over the 21-inch aluminum-alloy wheels.