Jannarelly electrifies the minimalist design-X1 roadster


now that 2018 has arrived, automakers from around the world are looking towards the new year ahead with fresh ideas. that includes jannarelly, who is gauging public opinion to see whether it should develop an electric vesion of its ‘design-1’ roadster.

all images © jannarelly

dubbed the ‘design-X1’, jannarelly’s electric roadster is the work of the same anthony jannarelly who has designed the ‘fenyr supersport’ for W motors and the ‘lykan hypersport’. the project proposes to do away with the internal-combustion engine and replace it with an electric powertrain. the minimalist model illustrated – in neon paint similar to aston martin’s recent ‘vantage’ with a red grille frame and grey stripes – features a single-seat cockpit for an intimate driving experience. the combustion-engine model of the sports car is influenced by classic roadsters, powered by a 3.5-liter V6, which is mated to a six-speed manual transmission. the fact that the dubai-based duo are considering to electrify the track car signals a future of almost silent, emission-free racing