Mercedes presents first camper van concepts based on the X-class pickup truck


mercedes-benz presents camper van concepts based on its ‘X-class’ pickup at the caravan, motor, touristik 2018 exhibition — a demountable cabin from bodybuilder tischer, as well as a conversion concept with integrated kitchen system by vanessa mobilcamping.

all images © mecedes-benz

campers these days tend to use their homes on wheels for trips to remoter regions that lie off the beaten track. from the scottish highlands to remote passes through romania’s carpathian mountains to sunrises at the plage blanche in morocco. pickups with camper van solutions on board provide off-road capability, which is also comfortable for long journeys cross-country, and a living area with all vital essentials. the mercedes-benz ‘X-class’ combines the typical characteristics of a pickup with the classic strengths of an SUV, while fitting this usage profile. as a pickup it is robust, strong and with good off-road capability. at the same time its good looks and individualisation options, its comfort, safety features and networking are typical mercedes qualities.

despite its compact size, the demountable cabin from bodybuilder tischer offers a comfortable sleeping system in an alcove 150 cm wide, headroom of almost two meters, a kitchen with a three-burner gas stove and three cosy seats. the latter can be converted into a second bed in just a few simple steps. with its large, fold-away wash basin and swivelling toilet unit, the integrated bathroom manages to offer enough space to take a shower. the sandwich design of the cabin sections ensures reliable stability and excellent insulation properties.

a different concept on the basis of the ‘X-class’ has been developed by vanessa mobilcamping: a heavy-duty pull-out module weighing around 250 kg with a fully equipped kitchen – including such features as a coolbox, cooking and washing-up facilities as well as space for crockery and supplies. a second pull-out module offers even more space for further items. vanessa protects the load compartment with a cover made out of yacht-deck-look teak wood, a water-resistant material particularly characterized by its strength and durability. special pneumatic struts allow the cover to be propped up at an angle of 45 degrees.