UBCO’s 2×2 electric off-road utility bike is a tool hauling vehicle


UBCO’s releases a road-registerable model of its ‘2×2’ electric off-road utility bike with a custom line of accessories for carrying gear. to achieve this, it has added all the road-worthy components, including a speedometer, a odometer, a combined high and low beam LED headlight, brake lights, indicators, reflectors, a motor cut off switch, and steering lock.

all images © UBCO bikes

UBCO’s ‘2×2’ 2018 model can be registered for on-road use in the US, australia and new zealand, allowing riders the freedom to choose between on-and-off-road travel. its classification as a moped with a top speed of 50 km/h (31 mph) means that no motorcycle license is required, making it accessible to the everyday person. for commuting, farming, tourism or conservation work, the electric utility bike is designed to allow the rider to go where they want, when they want.


UBCObattery capacity has also been boosted in the model by 20% with a 48 Ah rated lithium-ion portage power supply, allowing riders to reach up to 120 km (75 m) on a single charge. the flux drive motors allow the ‘2×2’ to perform at a higher efficiency for longer, by incorporating heat sinks to aid in heat dissipation, improved sealing, increased internal gear width and improved composite materials used for the planetary gears.

the UBCO cerebro engine control unit allows the rider to directly communicate with their utility bike and control lighting, motor controllers, display and controls. the accompanying mobile application for iOS and android devices, which connects to the bike via bluetooth, allows users to update the bike, diagnose faults and choose between on-and-off-road riding modes, a learner mode, or a hunting mode for a stealthier approach. regenerative braking has also been added to the 2018 model and can be toggled on and off via the app. a clear LCD screen displays battery level, speed and a trip meter.

with the launch of its road-worthy model comes the release of accessories, which are borne from user feedback. using the 17 accessory lugs located across the bike and standard m8 nuts and bolts, users can now customize their rides with gear. the range includes a pannier backpack and bag, pannier frames, front and rear cargo decks, and an adapter pack containing all the fittings required to attach anything. a towball mount bike rack has also been introduced, allowing the rider to transport the ‘2×2’ on the towbar of their car or RV.