Sydney-Melbourne is now the world’s second-busiest airline route


The next time you step on board a flight between Sydney and Melbourne, know that you’re in world-beating company: you and your fellow travellers have rocketed the route between Australia’s largest cities to number two spot on the global leaderboard.

The latest stats released by the aviation number-crunchers at pegs Sydney-Melbourne as the world’s second busiest airline route, boasting 54,519 flights a year.

The world’s busiest route remains the 1h15m dash between the South Korea capital Seoul and the nearby holiday island of Jeju, with 64,991 flights a year.

Sydney-Melbourne has long sat in the top five list, while Sydney-Brisbane now hoilds eighth spot on the worldwide ladder with 33,765 flights a year.

All of the ten busiest airline routes are domestic ones – the most popular international route is between Hong Kong and Taipei, with 29,494 flights a year – just ahead of Singapore-Kuala Lumpur’s tally of 29,383 flights a year.