Hyundai debuts next generation autonomous fuel cell vehicle at CES 2018


highlighting the tech event’s significance within the automotive field, an all-new autonomous, next-generation fuel cell vehicle from hyundai will debut at CES 2018. the car will showcase a trio of new technologies that will connect future advancements with evolving mobility challenges, such as sustainability and self-driving. as such, the model will be the newest edition to the south korean manufacturer’s eco-vehicle portfolio by enhancing hydrogen power.

the front view of hyundai’s latest eco-vehicle, which is set to debut at CES 2018
all images courtesy of hyundai

as their vision for future driverless cars, the hyundai will include aided control, such as the new advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) technologies. furthermore, inside the personal cockpit, the driver’s perspective has been re-imagined by enhancing artificial intelligence to set up a smart and personal experience. the advancement enables voice recognition and vital sign-based wellness care from the front seats.

the model includes the south korean brand’s all-new autonomous driving technologies

for the interior, artificial intelligence systems create a tailored and personal driving experience for all passengers

the hyundai fuel cell vehicle enhances hydrogen power