First ever ‘Byton’ concept car to be revealed at CES 2018


within these baroquely lit photos, subtle edges of computer-programmed steel gesture an outline of an SUV, but its creator, automotive start up, byton, ambitiously calls it something else — a smart intuitive vehicle, S.I.V. the car concept features semi-autonomous driving, facial recognition technology, seamless connectivity to smart devices, gesture controls and more. it will be further revealed to an unknown extent at CES 2018.

all images courtesy of byton

the automotive industry is experiencing a shift toward tech — a problem, when multiplying the speed at which tech becomes outdated with the price it costs to own a vehicle. the entire system is changing; cars are now announced at technology shows and yet, despite byton’s polygamous wedding of just about every tech trend relevant to vehicles (except, perhaps, AR), the concept within these dimly lit photos resembles a traditional automobile.