ireland’s award winning smart glove heading to CES 2018


the team behind the ‘smart glove’ – haptic human computer interface system for virtual reality/augmented reality and robotics – will showcase their technology at CES in las vegas on 9th – 12th january 2018.

all images © design consultancy / tyndall national instute / waterford institute of technology

the ‘smart’ glove was developed as part of a collaborative project between ireland-based, product and interaction design consultancy, design partners, tyndall national institute, and the waterford institute of technology, and engaged as human factors engineering and industrial design experts. the solution was developed with global manufacturers of wearable technology to create a device that transports people’s hands into the virtual world providing them with a fully immersive, touch-sensitive experience.

head of tyndall’s wireless sensor networks group, dr brendan o’flynn, comments, ‘thanks to the collaboration with design partners at CES, we are demonstrating globally-leading irish technology and research. CES attracts over 170,000 attendees over three days and provides an ideal opportunity to showcase the world-class research being carried out in ireland through collaboration between academic institutes, national funding agencies and leading irish technology companies.’

the smart data capture glove is the only of its kind to incorporate the level of sensing hardware and software required to provide low-latency data throughput. it has been designed according to ergonomic drivers and is robust, low-cost, easy to use, wear and wash. prototypes of the glove have been used by surgeons for medical training in a virtual environment, and it is a powerful enabler of smart factory technologies as well as social media and consumer gaming interfaces.

the ‘smart glove’ can also be used for remote-learning, as well as helping educators work in a virtual environment allowing students learn from experts in their field. this technology can also be used for sports coaching, musicianship or any other learning environment where precise movements are essential. the smart glove will be demonstrated at the design partners booth #60108, tech east in the new design and source showcase at CES 2018.