These Autonomous suitcases will follow people around like puppies at CES 2018


after selling 160 thousand suitcases in a single day and reaching no.1 status in sales volume in the luggage category, the largest lifestyle brand of the mi ecosystem, ‘90 FUN,’ is ready to take on the consumer electronics show in las vegas. while renowned tech giants sharpen their arsenal of 8K televisions, autonomous vehicles, collections of code and user experiences, this simple, puppy-like suitcase (90 FUN puppy 1) is charming its way onto the world stage.

all images courtesy of 90 FUN

the auto-following suitcase is equipped with advanced, yet familiar balancing technology from its strategic partner — you guessed it — segway. with segway’s successful two-wheeled scooter, they’re technically the world’s leading provider of mobile robotics solutions — a solid partner for 90 FUN. along with its auto-following chip and precise positioning system, the puppy 1 can either ride your coattail, or be summoned instantly via remote control.

and so, next week, at CES 2018, booth #25625, south hall 2, LVCC, this chinese lifestyle brand, 90 FUN, will proudly release its smartcase to the US market. the brand has already become a choice product in china. it will be interesting to see how the puppy competes with the big dogs. from the sound of it, this silent underdog should do just fine.